Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bonus Feature: graf by motion (Aneemah's Spot)

graf (for heaven11)
You can’t catch it
just snatches in frames that
   fly past windows
inscripted in insidious
scrawled on concrete slabs
of underpass
eyes peeled to feel the pressure
of fingers pressed on spray can tips
aerated shades grow bold in phases
stage impromptu shows at the
sides of the road
It burns
layin on lost walls
for the next eyes
they too will wonder why
these spaces found significance in the
eyes of midnite writer
scribes who
spray legacies of heiro’s
on the edge of city scapes
they’ll outlast our past
when our last breath escapes
for these dwellers create
carved calligraphies
    scripts on bricks
  tattooed tags stain train’s skin
impromptu impressions
impressive dimension
destination, eternal
so lost walls become

-by motion 

motion's play Aneemah's Spot will run at Mississaiga's Living Arts Centre, Feb. 8; subsequently it will be performed at the Bathurst Centre, Feb. 14-16

This article has been reprinted from CharPo-Toronto with the permission of the author

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