Thursday, January 2, 2014

NEWS: The Charlebois Post - Canada's Picture of the Year, 2013

Simply: we cannot remember when a promo picture was as provocative - even as horrifying - as this one by Adam Rankin of Joseph Pierre for Obsidian's production of Shakespeare's Nigga by Joseph Jomo Pierre. Even in colour, it is a perfect study in black and white contrasts; from the pure pitch of the background, to the actor's face (and the white light-reflections and black shadows on it) to the hands of the woman holding the cord over Pierre's face (and binding his tongue). As to content: that too is a brilliant set of contrasts: the expression on Pierre's face, the coarseness of the cord, the fact that the binding is suggestive of both enslavement and - as it is a kind of cat's cradle - child's play. Whoa!

Congratulations to all the photographers of Pictures of the Year, Runners-up for Picture of the year and to Adam Rankin!

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