Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: (Toronto / Comedy) SheDot TDot

So Much T[Dot]alent!
by Dena Jackson

What a line-up we had last night at SheDot TDot! There was so much talent in one room and an (almost) packed house, bringing great energy for the comics. Sara Hennessey hosted the show with her natural comedic charm and kicked off the show by inviting the entire audience out to brunch afterwards. I have already RSVP'd. 

I don’t know whether it was Julia Bruce’s comparison to the smell of farts and hot dogs or Candice Gregoris’s compassion for Rob Ford (as he’s basically Toronto’s Lady Diana) that made me giggle harder. Keesha Brownie’s witty commentary on food courts being the perfect place for judgment and Hoodo Hersi’s ability to engage her audience while defining racist compliments had me both laughing and pondering at the same time. 

What I am trying to say here, people, is that not only are these women hilarious, but they are extremely intelligent! Each comic carefully used her eight minutes to engage, converse and educate listeners on her views while keeping us laughing each step of the way. Rachelle Elie shared some great stories on what (not) to tell your kids and her issues with sexualized gingerbread men while Karen Mitten shared the plusses and minuses of dating a ghost. 

Adrienne Fish brought some great energy to the stage and a big mention needs to be said for her ability to tactfully deal with a drunken heckler who decided to talk through her set and show Adrienne her boobs! Adrienne’s ability to keep her poise on stage was out of this world, not missing a beat and keeping her audience laughing. 

Zabrina Chevannes also had to deal with the heckler but was quick to put her in her place in saying, “This bitch is drunk!” and called security to come to her (and our) rescue in kicking the heckler out. Zabrina’s ability to bounce right back into her set and make her dialogue with the heckler comical to the rest of the audience, was sheer genius.

Post-heckler, Lianne Mauladin finished the show with some great references to her new tanjay pants from Value Village (that her mom gave her fashion advice on) and her anger with LuLuLemon advertisements that the audience loved. Sara Hennessey concluded the show and thanked all of the fabulous comics that I personally can’t wait to see perform again this weekend. Overall the show presented great energy, a barrel of laughs and was a great success. $12 was a steal to see all of that talent in one sitting.

SheDot continues to May 4
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