Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: (Ottawa / Theatre) Art

(photo by Julie Le Gar)
More Than Meets the Eye
by Sonia Fine

Is French playwright Yasmina Reza's goal to trick you into believing that her play is all about what is on that plain white canvas?

What happens when three friends who have known each other for 15 years start to grow apart? What happens when the leader of the pack comes to realize he is no longer the top dog and has fallen off the proverbial pedestal? 

Marc (David Frisch, who also produces Same Day Theatre) is that pompous, entitled leader. He plays the character exceptionally well coming off as a fashionable smart-ass and know-it-all. I am quite sure I detected a French accent from Serge (Robert Marinier). It makes his performance that much more believable that he would have a knack for this expensive piece of 'art' however leaves you wondering by his body language if he bought it for the right reasons. Last but certainly not least is Yvan (Andy Massingham). His first monologue is the show-stopper and quite literally leaves both the performer and the audience breathless. We all know his type... the friend that plays the mediator. The good guy we love to hate and hate to love.  

This play, translated by Christopher Hampton, examines the dynamics behind friendships and how funny yet brutal and unkind humans we call friends can be. It will certainly leave you to reflect on your own circle of friends. 

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes; no intermission

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