Friday, April 4, 2014

News: (Toronto) Dancemakers announces new company structure (press release)

Dancemakers Makes Major Announcement!
TORONTO – On April 3, 2014, as they celebrated their 40th anniversary as Canada’s leading-edge dance atelier, Dancemakers introduced its new company structure, unique in Canada and globally ahead of its time. 

Central to its new structure is the Incubator Production House (IPH), a new model that retools and re-imagines the traditional structure of contemporary dance companies in order to meet the needs of this vibrant, 21st century art form. 

Unveiled at the 40th Anniversary Fundraising Gala, “Past, Present and Future,” Dancemakers announced a paradigm shift in its creation process with the Incubator Production House, a revolutionary production model that will feature a newly appointed Curator and three Resident Artists.

“Dancemakers is kicking off its 41st season with perhaps the most dynamic change currently in contemporary dance,” exclaimed Dancemaker’s Executive Director, Robert Sauvey. “I am excited to see the diversity of dance creators who will bring their energy and practice to Dancemakers in the years ahead. Anything is possible for us right now!” 

The IPH model will extend Dancemakers' reach and impact by serving its overarching vision to be the home for new practices in contemporary dance in Canada. By Increasing the number of core choreographers to three, and by providing each Resident Artist (RA) with consistent and individualized support over three years, new ideas and approaches will emerge through the collaborative cross-pollination between the RAs and the Curator. The IPH model's longer creation cycles mean projects are better resourced and the RAs existing relationships to their own supporters will extend Dancemakers' reach beyond its current communities of engagement. 

The RAs will be afforded the artistic freedom, financial resources, and most crucially, the time to create unique and compelling works of contemporary dance. Each RA will undertake two Incubation/Production cycles over his or her three-year commitment to the new Dancemakers. 

“Response from our local and national community has been incredibly positive and supportive,” said Dancemakers Artistic Director Michael Trent. “There is no other model of this type in the country and this is an exciting moment for Dancemakers.”

During the implementation phase, Michael Trent will continue as Artistic Director and serve as the first RA; in the 14-15 season, Michael will be responsible for selecting the second RA and the first Curator. The Curator will be selected for his or her knowledge of the dance and performance fields within a national and international context, and for his or her sensitivity to leading issues in contemporary practice.   The Curator’s role is to implement the organization’s vision and mandate, not to create performance.

Dancemakers’ new Incubator Production House structure proposes a new way to think about dance making in Canada. This new structure invites in a diversity of artists and practices that will expand our impact and reach. In its 40th year, and with this brand new archetype, Dancemakers will become a leading hub of dance creation in Canada – where choreographers will be given the resources, and opportunity to create new and challenging works for our generation and beyond.

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with the team on this momentous new direction, which will have ripple effects on the contemporary dance scene for years to come,” said Dancemakers Co-Chair, actress and producer Arsinée Khanjian.

Dancemakers has contributed to the development of a distinctive and dynamic voice for Canadian contemporary dance for forty years. Working through contemporary, cross-disciplinary and collaborative approaches, Dancemakers provides rich exchanges with the public through performance and conversation. Since 2003, the Dancemakers Centre for Creation has supported the development of the field through specialized programs for dance artists.

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