Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Charlebois Post Index of National Fringe Festival Coverage - 2014

Here are the articles which have appeared about the Fringe circuit in 2014. For REVIEWS of Fringe shows, click here.

Articles worth a second look from our coverage from last year
- Fringe Rules - Thoughts for producers, organizers, reviewers and audience
Also check out our index of regular features for columns of interest to Fringers: On the Fringe With Nancy Kenny, creating a/broad by Cameryn Moore and jackDawe by TJ Dawe.

Features (general interest, listed chronologically from appearance of article)

Features (listed alphabetically by show title, followed by list of cities where the show will be appearing)
- 52 PICK-UP Actor Kristen Zaza talks about performing in the complex TJ Dawe work. (TORONTO)
BITS Patrick Kearns discussing his work (MONTREAL, WINNIPEG, EDMONTON, VICTORIA)
DRAG QUEEN STOLE MY DRESS a first person piece by creator Gillian English (MONTREAL)
- FATHERLY an interview with creator Sam Mullins (MONTREAL, WINNIPEG, EDMONTON, VANCOUVER)
- HOUSEBUM - A SUPERHERO ON TRIAL Jean-François Michaud and François Morin on their work (MONTREAL)
- IREDEA Ted Strauss writes about the work (MONTREAL)
- REAL DEAD GHOSTS - Jonathan A. Goldberg writes about his production (MONTREAL, TORONTO)
- SALVADOR - Creator Rafael Antonio Renderos talks about his work (TORONTO)
- TEMPEST IN A TEACUP Choreographer Mariah Steele writes about her work (MONTREAL)