Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: (Montreal / Dance) So Blue

 (photo by: André Cornellier)

Nothing Cavalier
by Élaine Charlebois

There is no wonder why Louise Lecavalier recently won Le Grand Prix du Conseil des Arts de Montréal. From the moment the artist steps onto the Usine C stage, the audience is already sucked in. In So Blue, a piece choreographed by the dancer herself, this petite ball of strength fully indulges us with her amazing talent, inviting us into her awesome creative world.

Lecavalier evokes unwavering energy from the start of the piece, delivering a completely erratic yet meticulously crafted performance. The artist fully committed every nerve and every muscle to her piece, making her delivery all the more remarkable. Her beautifully spastic and almost non-stop movement was impressive to say the least, causing my sister and I to glance at one another with big eyes several times during the show to express our amazement. While in the first minutes of So Blue Lecavalier danced alone, in the second portion of the piece Frédéric Tavernini appears as her partner. And what a partner he was. Although much taller and broader than his female counterpart, Tavernini seemed to melt into Lecavalier, following her every move so naturally and organically. The pair caused most jaws to drop during multiple moments where the two took turns supporting one another in an impeccably fluid sequence of highly intricate movement. The piece not only showcases the undeniable technical ability of both dancers, but is a testament to Lecavalier’s creative genius. It is hard to believe that anyone could dream up such a wonderful work of art. In a word, So Blue is awe-inspiring. Whoa. 

March 27 - 29

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