Friday, June 13, 2014

Review: (Toronto / Theatre) All The Sex I've Ever Had (Luminato)

(photo by Lucia Eggenhoffer)
When Seniors Share
by Beat Rice

All The Sex I’ve Ever Had: The International Series, is a performance by Mammalian Diving Reflex, conceived by Darren O’Donell and presented at Luminato. The performers consist of a group of seven senior citizens from around the world: four females and two males from North America, Europe, and Asia. They are here to tell us their stories and share their lives onstage. 

The stage is set up like a discussion panel with microphones. The performers speak in their language with surtitles projected above. They tell their stories in chronological order and the participants take turns in delivering a few lines about what happened to them that year. Over the course of the evening we get to know each person, their personality and their life stories about love, sex, desire, heartbreak, tragedy, and attitudes about ageing and looking forward to the future.
Every decade we hear a hit song from the era and occasionally a group dance in celebration of another ten years. As the times change so do the obstacles they face. Some of these include marriage, kids, divorce, erectile dysfunction and the internet.

With the house lights up at dim low level we the audience feel involved. We respond without hesitation and speak up when we feel compelled to. 

Some theatre lacks truth, this social experiment however is pure truth. There is no façade and not even a language barrier. These people are remarkable. Their stories are touching, hilarious, and are often poetic, but in a natural and totally believable way. I thank them for their openness, and braveness. It is the gift that is often spoken about when referring to the importance and impact of storytelling. 

June 12 - 15

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