Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: (Montreal) FRAG / Sneak It up Your Sleeve (Fringe)

Going for the Quick Laugh
by Chad Dembski

A very short double bill of a dance film and performance about tampons. The first presented piece FRAG is a trio of short films shot around Montreal with a movement or dance element in them. It was cool to see Montreal locations integrated so well with dancer movements that were both subtle and at times a bit risky in a public place. These films were quite well shot, had great music and seemed very carefully put together.

The second piece was a humorous lesson on how to hide a tampon and other uses for it in life. This piece had a nice combination of film and live performance and saves its lack of content with a very light tone. Still the piece is so short that is hard to tell if there is any deeper point other than a quick laugh.  

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  1. Hello! Thanks for coming!

    My name is Anastasia. I choreographed the second piece in the show. As the creator, I wanted to explore shame, embarrassment, clichés and taboos surrounding the female body. The piece is very satirical in tone but has prominent underlining themes. I implore you to think a bit more about the feminist and political connotations.

    If you aren't able to get in for free already, we would love to offer you a free ticket for our show on a date of your choosing. All the best FRINGE-ing!


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