Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: (Montreal / Theatre) Case(s) (Fringe, Montreal)

by Bruno Lajeunesse

Everything happens in the first minutes. 

Pénélope Deraîche-Dallaire got me right at the beginning of her performance, sitting on her knees, looking at the audience. "My name is Pénélope". We saw her shadow on the floor, on a long scroll of white paper, and she began to draw her moving silhouette. 

She started to speak about herself as a young woman, a mother, a writer and an actress. Then we were drawn into a profound reflection about being yourself as a character, about the observer being observed and the difficulty of making a self-portrait with so many sides in you.  

This play is about dealing with real life and fiction, and sometimes being afraid of the truth. 


June 14 - 22

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