Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: (Ottawa) Love + Hate (Fringe)

PepTides Play It Up

by Jim Murchison

Bass player Andrew Burns, drummer Alex Wickham, keyboardist Scott Irving, guitarist David Campbell with vocalists Claude Marquis, Olexandra Prudnicky, DeeDee Butters, Rebecca Noelle and Dale Waterman perform Love and Hate at the Mercury Lounge as part of the Fringe Festival. If the individual names don’t inform you of the show’s quality, would it make a difference if I said The PepTides. Many people in Ottawa and indeed Canada know that name means that you are going to be seduced by lush, sexy harmonies and jazzy instrumental support that is so intoxicating that you want to take a bath in it as much as listen to it.
Love and Hate explores hate and negativity until a helpful optometrist prescribes the right glasses and then the story jolts over to love, goes through the drudgery of corporate employment, drugs as therapy, the ecstasy of love, the bitter solitude of lost love and back again. 
It is a theatrical device to weave some delicious stage shenanigans by the players with the band’s seductive sound that has been compared with Manhattan Transfer and the B-52’s, but is pure PepTides. This show will delight their tried and true fans and create new ones …. If they’re able to get in.

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