Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: (Montreal) God is a Scottish Drag Queen II (Fringe)

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II
by MacRae Campbell

This one-God show was a delight. First the good news; God is a Scot, naturally, and a gifted raconteur who established an easy rapport with the audience right off the bat. 

Now, the bad news; God has no fashion sense whatsoever and wore a lime-green, ill-fitting sack which He called His power-suit - you would think the All Mighty and All Powerful would like to look pretty once in a while but tonight wasn't it. He also had a bit of a drinking problem back in the day which explains much of the Old Testament and the Scottish bit. 

Mike Delacourt as God moves seamlessly from topic to topic in an engaging manner, everything from a boozy Immaculate Conception to circumcision, a drunken prank that took on a life of its own because Abraham was a dry stick who took everything literally. He also takes swipes at Mormons, churches and does a very clever and funny bit on the subject of fags which was as close as the evening got to serious commentary. He also knows our city well, sprinkling local references throughout the performance including the famous bagel shop down the street which got a big laugh. 

Mike Delacourt is a natural performer and an hour in his company is well worth it.

June 13 - 22

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