Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: (Montreal) Wolves > Boys (Fringe)

Looping the Loup
by Élaine Charlebois

In Wolves > Boys, we first meet Lawrence (Cory Thibert) who is waiting to surprise his long-time friend Isaac (Tony Adams) whom he hasn’t seen in a long time. The piece starts off with an awkward reunion of the two – it is clear their friendship has changed since the last time they saw each other. After an uncomfortable hello, the show really begins.Through a series of cleverly performed flashbacks and the recounting of an old camp tale about ghost wolves, writers/performers Thibert and Adams expose us to the realness of male friendship.

While the show was mostly punctuated with funny scenarios and stories, there was nevertheless an element of nostalgia and sadness that pervaded the piece, highlighting the difficult changes that occur when two friends grow apart. Whereas Thibert, playing the sensitive Lawrence, was particularly convincing in his delivery of emotion, Adams balanced this with his great portrayal of Isaac’s jock-like persona. 

Throughout Wolves > Boys, Thibert and Adams not only displayed their creative talents as the writers of the piece, but also showcased their compatibility as performers. They fed off each other’s lines with ease and good humour, making for a genuine exchange between old friends. The pair were outstanding in their overall performance and definitely won over the MainLine Theatre audience.

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