Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review (Ottawa) The Devil's Circus (Fringe)

An Odd Love Story in a Cabaret
by Jim Murchison

The Devils Circus is a puppet show that combines marionettes, Japanese Bunraku inspired puppetry, shadow puppetry and some devilish music.

Daniel Wishes and Seri Yanei are the puppeteers. In the classic demon gets girl, demon loses girl it is as much cabaret as circus as Satan is Ed Sullivan to trick puppets inspired by Elvis, Eartha Kitt,  Mick Jagger and more. Some of the best storytelling occurred during the Shadow puppetry without any words at all.

Basically Satan runs a cabaret in Hell to pass the time. This is something you may not have known. I didn't, just as i wasn't aware that Satan was jilted by a human several thousand years ago. He puts it all behind him until he meets Eurydice after a fallout with Orpheus, a man so vain he makes narcissus look like a wallflower. Eurydice arrives in hell and sets Satan's head spinning. Well it's a long story as all laments of lost love are, which is best heard from Satan itself.

If you want to find out if Satan can get a second chance at love you have two more chances.

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