Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: (Montreal) Jem Rolls ONE-MAN TRAFFIC JAM

Jem's Jam
by Chad Dembski

The fact that I had not seen jem rolls before is incredible, I have been handed a ton of flyers from him in Toronto and seen his name mentioned with every imaginable Canadian Fringe Festival. A true festival vet who greets each audience member in the lobby before the show has more charm and wit than I could have imagined. Billed as big word performance poetry he soars into his material instantly and has the audience in the palm of his hand. An Englishman with extensive travel in his life he can make a story out of any experience in his life and make it seem interesting.

A mix of jokes, observations, musings, tangents, and poetic philosophical rants he races through material without missing a beat. Yet even with the intense delivery he has a relaxed charisma and vulnerability that only brings us closer to him. Wonderful bus ride curiosities on God, Darwin and both of their roles in evolution and humankind over the years made me wish I could hang out with this guy every day. I can understand where the previous five ***** reviews have come from, jem rolls is an astounding and original performer who deserves a full house every single show.  
June 14 - 21

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