Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: (Montreal) Over It (Fringe)

The Warning Signs
by Chad Dembski

A warning sign when I picked up the flyer for Over It was the main credit written, directed and performed by Laura Pearson.  Even the most talented of one person show performers should know it is brutal to try and take on all three roles in a show. This lack of perspective haunts this show as the performer stumbled over lines constantly, had huge awkward pauses and generally didn’t seem focused at all. A much told tale of the well travelled child (through a diplomat Mother) who has no set home, the story does little to engage or enlighten the point of the piece. 

There are some fun moments of dancing in the piece to the music of Grimes and some light 90’s pop but these interludes only highlight how uncomfortable the performer seems. This show may improve as the run goes along (this was the opening performance) but for me this show was far from ready for a public audience. A supportive audience at the end of piece made me wonder how experienced the performer was and if just doing the show was a goal in itself.  Still I would have liked Laura Pearson to reach out into the community to get help telling her story.
June 14 - 22

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