Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: (Montreal) L'Aquarium (Fringe)

Too many fish in this aquarium
by Bruno Lajeunesse

Since the beginning of this festival of solo productions, I was looking forward to seeing more interaction between actors. "Be careful of what you wish for..." they say, as I finally got my wish. Big time! A cast of 12 young actors playing 12 teenagers trapped in a school bus, in the middle of a highway; the driver is missing. During 60 minutes, you watch them overreacting and underreacting, one by one and two by two, then all together, like teenagers do in real life. 

I must say that Olivier Sylvestre's script is a quite good portrait of the new e-generation. His text is full of happy little bits of humour, word play, chorus and even poetry. My best moment: a well-orchestrated smartphones concert at the very beginning of the show. Good start! I thought.

But by the end, this group-performance didn't reach me all that much. Too many players, too many games, love triangles, and no focus or main character(s). A very large range of feelings and a cacophony of emotions are involved here. Perhaps this play would have been more convincing with professional actors and director. Or not.

June 14 - 22

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