Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: (Ottawa) Rachel and Zoe (Fringe)

...Those Are Some Of The Questions...

by Sonia Blanchette

How is it that these two are BFFs? You would think that at the core, they would loathe one another considering their such diverse lifestyles. Not so. 

Both Zoe and Rachel are besties. This is made clear by their loving, non-judgmental acceptance of each other. Their conversations about happiness, sexuality and self identity are important and heartfelt. Could their choice of "red, white or whatever you have" have weakened inhibitions and loosened lips have anything to do with it? If so, I say bottoms up! 

There continue to be, as much as my generation would choose to ignore and disagree, taboos surrounding sex and relationships. e.g., what happens (or doesn't happen) in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. To fake or not to fake? To settle or not to settle? ... those are some of the questions. 

These actresses are formidable. I don't know if they are BFFs in real life. I would hate to think that they are mortal enemies as their interaction/connection with one another could not have been more real and sincere. And the audience feels it.

Last but not least, the Don Juan, the Jason, the Mark, the guy of long ago, the best never forgotten lay who sometimes appears in my Harlequin dreams... all played by Chris Wyllie. Dang! Mothers, lock up your daughters! If it wasn't for him, the play wouldn't have quite satisfied as it did. His performance is quite, ummmmmm, solid.   

Is it hot in here?

June 19 - 29

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