Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: (Montreal) Real Dead Ghosts (Fringe)

And the Interest Lies Where...?
by Chad Dembski

A couple from New York (they are actually from New York) go on a weekend retreat to get away from the city and confront their relationship to each other. Set in an old cabin in the woods with the husband hoping for a ghost sighting on the trip while the wife has planned out every minute of the trip. Soon their relationship is in obvious tension as they cannot agree upon anything in their itinerary. We get some back story from both sides and news that a job has been lost (or the person fired) but both seem a bit lost in their next direction.  

While there is a basic chemistry between the two performers the story of their past relationships and life doesn’t hold interest enough. It is a plain story of 'normal' people who are trying to survive in New York City and find little joys here and there. Yet neither seems to have much passion for anything, not each other, their jobs or their future. A couple of twists almost propel the story forward but both seem stuck in old habits and are going nowhere. In that way the setting is a good metaphor for the show, two people unable to get out of a situation neither seem to desire in any way.
(Also at the Toronto Fringe)

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