Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: (Montreal) Shakespeare Crackpot (Fringe)

Dr Cutler's Return
by Bruno Lajeunesse

A few years ago, I saw Keir Cutler's Teaching Shakespeare at the Montreal Fringe and I remember him as a master in his domain and a quite smart pedagogue. Cutler is an award-winning Fringe veteran and his new autobiographical monologue tells us he may also be a crackpot.

I'm not a big Shakespeare fan but I'm always a good listener when in the presence of a fine storyteller and I would gladly listen to any of Dr Cutler's seminars.

Tonight, in front of an audience of 17 Shakespeare's enthusiasts, Cutler began with the story of his origins and childhood on Montreal's De Bullion street, a few blocks away: "My parents weren't religious about anything except learning." What followed was a thoughtful and sarcastic debate between a teacher and a student about the authorship of William Shakespeare's works. With a (bully) pulpit, a bench, a few books, a bust of Shakespeare and only one quick sip of water during his 50-minute performance, Professor Cutler gave us an amazing lesson: shouldn't we all think for ourselves?

Honestly, I don't really care who wrote Shakespeare but clearly Keir Cutler is not a crackpot.

June 14 - 22

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