Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: (Ottawa) Oceans Apart (Fringe)

About Coming Home

by Jim Murchison

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that we are becoming increasingly conscious of. In my parent's day it was likely a sign of weakness to even hint that you needed help. Keep a stiff upper lip, don't let them see you cry are still probably good pieces of advice in certain moments when you need focus to get you through, but afterwards when the dust settles and the things that you have seen and done haunt you what do you do about it?

Author Alain G Chauvin plays Cpl Patrick McLachlin, a young man that has to deal with fears and worries of his family and the more devastating  smiles and silence. Daniel Groleau Landry plays friend Lt Joe Braddock who suffers the physical trauma and Rebecca Laviolette is the woman just trying to be supportive.

You can't cover the entire spectrum of pain and healing that one goes through after being in circumstances that the men and women in Afghanistan and other war zones endure. Patrick it appears just needs to keep moving and we go along for the ride experiencing his anger and anguish. With all the fun and silliness that is available  Fringe offers something a little more serious to sink your teeth into.

The cast is honest and sincere. This would be a show that could turn into a longer play as there is so much to explore.

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