Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: (Montreal / Theatre) Save The Date (Fringe)

The Typical
by Chad Dembski

Save the Date is a typical sketch improv. Comedy set up with two performers and a moderator cutting in to change things up.  I was at the second show and I got the impression the performers change each performance and that makes it hard to judge the show as a whole.  Still there is a feeling with the show that we are watching an open improvisation class more than a show  There is a charming quality to a piece that is created before your eyes but you need top notch comedians to keep the energy and ideas up.
This duo did have a nice chemistry but did not think on their feet fast enough to keep me engaged or interested. This would be my other problem with this improv system, there are so many stoppages that no momentum can really be gained by the actors. While sometimes the changes or suggestions were good they often slowed down a scene that was just getting going.
Still at $5.00 a ticket, a very modest sum, I can imagine it going better with a larger audience who play a big part in creating the story.  

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