Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: (Ottawa) Prognosis Justice (Fringe)

Freaky, well-oiled improv
by Robyn Lester

An alcoholic baseball player turned nurse.  A wound treated with a banana.  A man bludgeoned to death with golf balls and poisoned by lizards. This was only a small part of the absurdity during Friday’s showing of Prognosis Justice: an Improvised Dramatic Comedy. 

After waiting for the doors to open, in a room that felt like a clinic (very appropriate), we all piled into a lecture hall. All of a sudden I felt like a med student. But something tells me med school isn’t nearly as much fun.   

I’ve always had a lot of respect for improv performers. And these three; Chelsea Sterling, Mitch Foré, and Dan Dicaire, worked so well together. Like some sort of freaky, well-oiled, improv machine.  They were quick-thinking, witty, and incredibly energetic.  

Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect. Improv is always a gamble.  It has the potential to be awesome, but it can also be, well, not that great. And given how much Prognosis Justice relies on audience participation, it was even more of a wild card. Luckily, the audience was fantastic and thrilled to play along. Paired with such great performers, the opening night proved to be hilariously random. 

The show itself was loosely structured like your standard medical and cop dramas. And there was a bit of a satirical edge to it, as each performer created a persona based on the stereotypical characters you see in these types of shows. The doctor with an over-inflated ego. The sassy nurse who is in love with the doctor. The intern who just wants to do everything by the book.  

There were a few first-show glitches.  But they were easily overlooked. And I’m confident that this is a show that will only gain momentum as the festival continues. 

So if you’re looking for a show guaranteed to bring something different every time, check out Prognosis Justice.  

…and be ready to participate.

Prognosis Justice is at the Ottawa Fringe

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