Monday, June 24, 2013

Openings We're Tracking This Week, June 24-30, 2013

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Scratch a Montreal theatre person and you will find someone who came under the spell of La Roulotte, arguably the city's greatest, oldest ongoing theatre company. Since it was created by a gregarious Frenchman in 1952, La Roulotte has been loading shows into a trailer and going from neighbourhood to neighbourhood to expose kids to theatre. They have done fables, children's stories and woven magic from nothing. This year, the rambunctious, yell-at-the-villains play is Hansel and Gretel. Oh! That witch is gonna get hers!! (Montreal)

Sherlock Holmes is all over the friggin' place - Robert Downey Jr. in film, Jay Baruchel in theatre - plays, films, radio have all done everything that has the Arthur Conan-Doyle imprimatur. Well...there's a reason for that. (Have you ever READ one of his stories?) The  chronicles of this ultimate detective are clever, surprising and often very witty. People can argue through the night (and do) about the best tale but on almost everyone's list is Hound of the Baskervilles. (Those baying hounds which have become a cliché of every spooky story? Well they started here...) This, folks, is a great family outing - especially since it's a spoof - at the ideal family place. (Bobcaygeon, Ontario)

Yup, it's an oldie but a goodie. Go back to the time of Mad Men and watch how an hilarious cad juggles stewardesses in his batch only to, of course, get a door-slamming insane comeuppance. If you have seen the awful movie of Boeing Boeing, feggedaboddit - the play is a riot with real acting, timing and solid direction demanded. The company has that in spades. (Ganonoque, Ontario)

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