Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: (Montreal) Southern Boy (Fringe)

New York is Killing Me
by Chad Dembski
An all male dance show entitled “Southern Boy” begins with an arrival, a tentative beginning that first plays its cards close to its chest.  Over time static and formal movements begin to get worn down and then things get interesting.  Full group choreography is constantly compelling to me but this beginning seemed more pulled from dance school choreography than original creation.  Still as soon as we get into trios, duos and solos the piece picks up both momentum and an electric feel of not knowing what is coming next.  It is based around how a city tears a person down through impersonal daily contact and the sense of being bombarded on a constant basis.  The Gil Scott-Herons' “New York is Killing Me” plays a couple of times in the piece and is an amazing choice for the pace and struggle of the piece.  In fact the song makes a second appearance as a remix and highlights the interesting way choreographer Gierre Godley plays with the form.  While I had the feeling the piece always awaits to explode at some point, it holds an audience's attention throughout and is extremely well performed.  They are only in town until Tuesday so check out this show if you are interested in new dance coming form the USA. 

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