Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: (Montreal) Urge For Going (Fringe)

Leaving Home
by Janis Kirshner

Urge for Going is self-described as a multidisciplinary puppet play inspired by the songs of Joni Mitchell. And so it is, but so much more. Created and performed by bekky O’Neil, with a live band playing Mitchell’s spellbinding songs, the piece is elevated from just the story of 12 year old Carey taking her imagination on the road as she emulates her hero (who shares the same home town, Saskatoon). 

The puppets, including Carey herself (also played in human form by O’Neill); her only friend, Fox; and a life-sized deer, are visually stunning, as is the animation. 

We enjoy Carey’s hippie-wannabe cuteness and are moved by her home life. Carey’s naiveté is charming, with moments of insight, “The world is changing and if we don’t see it now, we’ll miss it.” And we’re reminded about the Canadian artists’ brain drain, “You go to Montreal to develop before you go to Toronto to succeed.” It is that notion this little gem is promoting. Inspired by the Canada around you, what is the pull that says you have to leave to make it?  The tender images take their time and work their magic on you with the help of the puppeteers. Go with Carey “into the blue” and see what you can stir up to make your own dreams come true, right here.

Urge For Going is at the Montreal Fringe
Urge for Going will also be at the Toronto Fringe

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