Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: (Montreal) The Misery Factory (Fringe)

The Drear
by Bruce McKay

Simon Godfrey and Dan Allemann, who make up the Australian company This is Siberian Husky, are like really good performers covering a range of characters all revolving around a factory that specializes in producing misery, particularly for its employees, though also for the outside world as much as possible. And while The Misery Factory has a Monty Python feel to it the comedy here is generally so dark that it quickly becomes not-so-funny-at-all. And then kind of depressing. Which is a shame because Godfrey and Alleman pull off remarkable performances of shifting characters, accents, and emotions, all in rapid-fire succession. They had a choice apparently: Either this or a show about how raccoons ended up in Australia. With the talent these guys have the latter could be very, very interesting. 

The Misery Factor is at the Montreal Fringe

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  1. McKay seems to pan every single show he's seen at the Montreal Fringe this year, even though many of them have been getting rave reviews elsewhere.

    Does he just hate Australians? Crikey.


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