Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: (Ottawa) Cathedral City (Fringe)

Crazy Journey To The Promised Land 
by Jim Murchison 

Brooklyn actor Kurt Fitzpatrick will tell everyone at the festival that this is an international production because it is directed by Alison Cousins who is from Ottawa. He is half right because the play is more than that. It is universal because some of the characters are out of this world.

The play starts around a campfire with Kurt telling scary stories to kids that make them cry, quickly moves on to time travel…gets killed, gets a preview look at Cathedral City, comes back to life. Okay I hope I haven’t spoiled the first five minutes because after that it gets a little crazy.

It is a wild and bizarre ride with more twists and turns than a roller coaster at a theme park that amazingly somehow gets back to the same place and gets Fitzpatrick to Cathedral City. He is a very energetic performer with cyclical logic that confuses you because it kind of makes sense even though it shouldn’t and he thoroughly admits that any understanding of his mind is a little bit scary to outright terrifying. I can’t really explain it. You have to experience it, so buy a ticket and hop on.

runtime: approximately 60 minutes with no intermission
Cathedral City runs until June 29

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