Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: (Montreal) Peter 'n' Chris Explore Their Bodies

The Hyphchondriac
by Janis Kirshner

Peter n’ Chris are lauded Canadian sketch comedy performers who among other topics, pay homage to movies. Okay- I’ve of course heard of Game of Thrones, but that’s where my knowledge ends. Oh- Chronicles of Narnia too? That should read somewhat familiar- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, right? What- Lord of the Rings? My memory ends at The Hobbit…

So, here’s the test. With no prior knowledge is this show accessible to all? In Peter n’ Chris Explore their Bodies we find Chris as a hypochondriac and the only way to figure out how to make this stop is for the two of them to enter Chris’ body to see what’s what. Bottom line- this is how long-form sketch comedy is done! Yes there were moments when the audience laughed at references I knew were film/tv related, but this took nothing away from my total enjoyment of the piece and the duo’s fine work. The writing is hysterical, the transitions are tight, their physical control is enviable, the wacky idea is easy to follow despite numerous characters, the ‘magic’ is fun and, I laughed out loud, more than once!

If you want to see smart, precise and unpretentious physical comedy with a strong story line, this is the show to see. There’s even a bit of inspiration in there to help you get control of your own mind.

Peter 'n' Chris explore their bodies is at the Montreal Fringe

TORONTO Fringe - July 5th - 13th
WINNIPEG Fringe -July
SASKATOON Fringe -August
EDMONTON Fringe - August

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