Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: (Ottawa) The Pit (Fringe)

Bare Bones
by Jim Murchison

The set for The Pit is the stage floor. The bed, the babbling brook, the delicious berry bush and the ominous pit threatening to swallow our heroes and civilization as we know it is all in the minds of the actors and the audience. London, Ontario actor Martin Dockery wrote the piece which he performs with Vanessa Quesnelle.

The plainness of the set allows us to focus clearly on the essence of the relationship between a man and a woman. A man and a woman can’t remember whether they met yesterday or 10 years ago. All they truly know is that things aren’t like they used to be. 

They also can see each other's fantasies. The man’s fantasy is a lovely Swiss miss who’s last name is Swiss . The woman on the other hand is enthralled with a motivationalist named Sir Flexalot. There is of course a jealousy of these ideal people, even though they are really just visions of themselves. 
There is great chemistry between Dockery and Quesnelle and consequently with the audience. The wordplay is clever and rings true. The questions - what do I want? what do you want? and ultimately what do we want? - that determine whether relationships rekindle and endure or fade from memory are played out here. 

There are times that we lose our way and our connections with each other are threatened to be swallowed up by the pressures of the material world, our obligations and fears. In a very human, very funny and simple way, The Pit shows us that sometimes when you think you've lost everything, you find what was always most important. Communication can start with a kiss and letting someone know that you love them.

runtime: approximately 60 minutes with no intermission
The Pit runs until June 30 

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