Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review: (Montreal) Racial Roulette (Fringe)

by Estelle Rosen

Racism and stereotypical reactions are tough subjects to portray at the best of times. Racial Roulette started with an idea that could have worked. One day a magic spell causes the brown skinned young man to take on the characteristics of his white friend and vice-versa. But the preamble leading up to this point takes it in a different direction. There's really no need to diminish a serious subject with farting sound effects. And for a one hour show the number of scene changes were way out of line. Just when you feel you might get into the story and would like to see it develop, blackout. Deus Ex Mania press release indicates their productions are devoted to examining the world through a skewed and distorted lens - this they accomplished!

Racial Roulette is at The Montreal Fringe


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