Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: (Montreal) Seduce All Humans (Fringe)

Burlesque is Hard
by Janis Kirshner

Full of smiles, sexy swagger, fun props and big smiles, burlesque is hard. It takes years of perfecting moves that incorporate master dance levels, inventive storylines, imaginative costuming and scads of playfulness, all done on high heels and in tight clothes while trying, with class and poise, to creatively remove said clothing. While the cast of Seduce all Humans gives a valiant effort, they just aren’t there yet. They are charming and pretty and some are quite sexy, but it all falls a bit flat. The premise, that these women are aliens (Boobalons) who have landed here to ‘seduce all humans’ in various ways, while kinda cute, is tenuous at best.  A bit of an excuse to jazz up the intros between acts does not a storyline make…

For the most part, the women from Sausome Productions are trained dancers. Perhaps that’s the problem - you get the feeling that some of them love the chance to dance but aren’t thrilled with the idea of taking their tops off. 

The four piece band, Dick Raygun and the Flying Sausages, offers interesting slow takes on popular songs (Natural Woman, Private Dancer) but again, they too fall flat. I’d definitely keep an eye out for alien ringleader Aurora Wilde as well as Lady Hoops, who, in her yellow polka dot bikini, was almost worth the price of admission alone. Her 4 hula hoops spun wildly, colours glinting and glowing. The Lady has stage presence in spades. Almost other worldly, one might say…

(I hear Lady Hoops will be performing at the outdoor site of Just for Laughs as part of Velma Candyass’ Cabaret)

Seduce All Humans is at the Montreal Fringe

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