Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: (Montreal) The Birdmann (Fringe)

Manically Silly...
by Bruce McKay

The Birdmann, hailing from Australia, has been characterized in reviews as “original,” “charismatic,” even “edgy,” and with a “show like no other.” Well, perhaps, though manically silly was what I came away with. It appears that one’s quest for freedom can mean doing whatever you feel like doing – such as throwing cutlery or pouring water through your nose -- albeit in a polite sort of way. The Birdmann is quite likeable somehow and the pretty-much packed house lapped it up with even a couple of bravos thrown in. You might enjoy this kind of performance for the sheer inanity of it all but if you don’t like silliness then I would stay away.

The Birdmann is at the Montreal Fringe

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