Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: (Montreal) Weaksauce

The Loves
by Janis Kirshner

Sam Mullins is back with another hit after last year’s Tinfoil Dinosaur. Mullins is likeable and personable with a gentle story telling style that draws you in within moments. This first-time-falling-in-love story is fresh and his beautifully descriptive writing style has you cracking up as images of some of his horribly embarrassing moments come vividly to life. Though there are many laughs there are also sincere, tender moments like when he describes his new love Amanda’s eyes as getting moist when she laughed like she’d cry with joy. 

The piece is a lovely blend of real time now and true recollections mixed with thoughts and feelings from the past filtered through hindsight and retrospect. He talks about how he was his best self when he was with her. How when you’re in love you become cemented to each others’ personal narratives for better or for worse. 

And in the audience, you think back to your own first love. Or at least as far back as you can remember… 

Weaksauce is funny and warm. Mullins reminds us of the special, important feelings, “Love comes and goes until one day it doesn’t go… ” Don’t let this show go without seeing it.

Weaksauce is at the Montreal Fringe
Weaksauce will also be at the Toronto Fringe, Winnipeg Fringe and Saskatoon Fringe

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