Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: (Montreal) They Call Me Q (Fringe)

13 Characters
by Élaine Charlebois
In “They Call Me Q!”, Qurrat Ann Kadwani treats us to a very personal and compelling account of her coming of age as an Indian woman living in the United states. Taking on the persona of 13 different people from various ethnic and social backgrounds who have in one way or another shaped her identity, Kadwani shows her awesome ability to fully embody a diversity of roles. The actress seamlessly shifted from one character to another and did so with such presence and conviction, making the people she was impersonating come alive on stage. With only a few simple props, Kadwani successfully captured the personality of each individual featured in her piece, rendering each character real and believable. 
One element (among many others) that made this piece so strong was the writing. Having written the play herself, Kadwani further demonstrates her creativity and artistic talent.  While the script included a number of comedic interactions between the actress and her characters, it also included emotional and heartbreaking moments. The words that accompanied her performance not only succeeded in conveying how much of an impact the people she surrounded herself with had on her life, but they also evoked the challenges and inner-conflict that come with the search for identity. 

Overall, “They Call Me Q!” was highly entertaining and engaging. Kadwani’s amazing presence and delivery definitely makes her a force to be reckoned with. If there is one show you do not want to miss at the Fringe, this is it! 

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