Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review: (Toronto) Tikva's Orchestra (Fringe)

More Life For Tikva
by Beat Rice

Tikva's Orchestra is a unique physical theatre piece that explores the trauma and ruthlessness of WWII through the eyes of a woman who tries to hide but cannot escape. One man playing several figures, and a woman, who employs the use of a bungee and hanging ropes, tell us a story filled with symbols and metaphor that show us fear, strength and hope. Performers and co-creators Alisa Walton and Thomas Morgan Jones are focused and precise. Even if the details of the storyline are not defined in words, the emotional intent is clear and effective. Director and co-creator Ginette Mohr has shaped this 35-minute piece with precision, each moment flows into the next and nothing ever drags.

Ellen Roach has designed props that on their own, are works of art. The imagery created with the rope and the bungee works well with the story. At times our victim is physically bound by shackles and at others she flies freely through the space. 

The score is absolutely stunning. The original composition by David Mesiha is quite an accomplishment. One cannot help but be moved by the music of a full orchestra. My wish for any future development of this project would be live musicians. 

July 2 - 13

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