Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review: (Toronto) A Bicycle Built For Two (Fringe)

Is Funny, Sweet, Endearing Enough?
by Beat Rice

The tandem bicycle. A perfect symbol for marriage. After all, it takes two to make it work. 

A Bicycle Built for Two is a light-hearted take on love, marriage, and relationships. Johnny Wideman has written a comedy about a pair of young to-be-weds and the people around them. A cast of four play several parts each.

The play is entertaining in the way a sitcom is entertaining. There are tons of one-liners in the writing and quirky over-acting. It was funny, sweet, and endearing. If the playwright and the director were shooting for more depth however, they missed. 

The problems presented in the relationship of the characters did not seem as horrible as they made it out to be. It does not make marriage look like a huge life challenge, just slightly annoying at times. 

Set Designer Andrew Classen and Director Rebecca Steiner have worked together to have the actors manipulate simple objects that transform into many things. Boxes, cloth, and ladders help define the space in a simple and creative way. 

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