Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review: (Toronto) She's Black, He's Jewish, They're Married...Oy vey!

Food, Fucking, and the Fringe
by Beat Rice

Married interracial couple Hassan and Epstein, claim to have the most successful marriage in the United States of America. (They are from New York ).

Their show is basically the two of them onstage being themselves, and talking about their relationship. This simple formula works for two main reasons: the pair are both outgoing and hilarious, but more importantly, they are genuine and honest about everything.

The pair have unbelievable chemistry onstage, (They are not just acting happily married, they are definitely happily married) and they cannot wait to tell you their story. 

The couple discusses everything from cultural and racial differences, to their sexual needs and financial issues. They sometimes re-enact moments of their marriage, fights, foreplay, at the end there is always a lesson, and a piece of advice. They have their disagreements and faults but with honesty and communication they power through and grow together. They will teach you the 3 F’s. Food, Fucking, and Forgiveness. 

So far this is the only Fringe show I have seen with any truth behind it. It does not matter what your race, sexual preference or relationship status is, everyone should try and catch this show.

July 2 - 13

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