Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review: (Toronto) Don't Tell My Dad (Fringe)

A Raunchy Folkster
by Keely Kwok

Chelsea Manders is perky, quirky, and has a biting wit that is so delightfully unexpected. Because when she started the show under a dramatic spotlight and professed, “When I was two, I almost drowned.” I admit, I was nervous. But then she breaks into some killer folk tunes and charms you along for the ride. Songs like “Existential Babies”, “Shower Head”, and “Common Wealth Bordello” send you into uncontrollable laughter. Her lyrics are sharp, smart, and delivered with a delectable doe-eyed smile. She’s definitely a charmer. 

Though I’m not sure why the show is titled Don’t Tell My Dad as the majority of the songs and stories don’t really have anything to do with her father. That concept loosely bookends the show but there’s no real through line. There are also some question mark moments like delivering a monologue in spanx, a jingle about dolphins (which I unabashedly loved), and a love song from a cannibal. But who cares because you’re still going to be entertained! 

Manders maintains a high energy level throughout and makes you proud to be Canadian. So if folk music and off the cuff humour are your thing, go and see Don’t Tell My Dad!

July 2 - 13

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