Friday, July 4, 2014

A Fly On The Wall, July 4, 2014

Farewell for Now
Jim Murchison

So my writing for The Charlebois Post will soon be drastically reduced and I will have no more excuses about why I am not taking on some projects that I have long put on the back burner. As the direction of CP shifts to opera and dance I will continue to cover opera, but I will no longer be doing a column.

The Ottawa theatre community have been coming up to me and saying how much they will miss us. That is what pleases me the most. I am also happy with what I have learned. I really had done very little writing except for my government work and it was illuminating for me to stretch out in a more creative vein.

Another great thing that came out of my writing is that I reunited with some old friends at least virtually, like Gaëtan Charlebois, found out what Keir Cutler is up to and was introduced to Estelle Rosen. I have also met a great many new people in this community and from other areas because of our intense involvement with the Fringe Festival.

I am not like Gaëtan Charlebois or George F Walker in the way that they naturally think of writing. I have to tell myself to write or have a deadline to consider it, but writing may lead me to more performing and I want to continue to do some of that while I am still able to. So farewell and thank you to the Ottawa theatre community for allowing me to come out and speak my mind, thank you to The Charlebois Post for the opportunity and to all the people that have taken the time to read me.

[PUB: One of the great priliveges of having a site like this is that you have writers trusting you with their words and allowing you to get them out there to a broad readership. Reconnecting with my friend Jim was an added bonus and I have been so proud to have him in the fold of columnists at CharPo. Thanks, good sir! GLC]

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