Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review: (Toronto) Everything Is Fine (Fringe)

Comic Relief
Lisa McKeown

Sometimes, when one is reviewing a lot of shows, comic relief is necessary. And Everything Is Fine definitely provided that for me. A series of short comedy sketches often featuring local Toronto references, this piece was written and performed by an ensemble made up of Second City graduates, and directed by Ken Hall (2-MAN NO-SHOW). 

Even as someone who is not a huge fan of improvisational comedy in general, this show was truly entertaining. The pace and comic timing were excellent, and the sketches ran the gamut from the bizarre to the more relatable (especially for those living in downtown Toronto). The energy never dropped and they had the audience in hysterics for the duration of the show. 

All of the actors were strong, but Alana Reoch stands out in particular with her characterization and timing, as do Nicky Nasrallah and Gillian Bartolucci whose vocal stylings are impressive as the show closes with a fantastic musical number. Definitely check this out if Second City is your thing (and maybe even if it isn't). 

July 2 - 13

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