Monday, February 11, 2013

Openings We're Tracking This Week

(photo credit: Greg Tjepkema)

Count 'em - this will be our third Pride and Prejudice at The Charlebois Post this last year. We reviewed the really-big-shew co-pro between Theatre Calgary and the NAC (twice) and our critics liked it (twice). Jim Murchison said of it, "It is fun to see [NAC's MainStage] rev up to its potential of a performance space of more grandeur." Well, while Ottawa Little Theatre is a...well...little theatre it is having a barn-burner of a 100th season (yes, you read that number right) and they have no shortage of resources, talent and wherewithal so our Jimbo is going back to celebrate their Jane Austen. Watch for his review.

Of Blind Date's run in Vancouver (photo above), David C. Jones wrote, "[It] is one of the freakiest funniest most accomplished improv shows I have ever experienced! Go! But to say it is an improv show could possibly discourage as many people as it excites to attend. This is not Whose Line Is It Anyway? or TheatreSports. This is a high risk / stupendously rewarding theatrical experience, a self described social experiment that captures that all encompassing human need – to find a desirable mate.
The witty and loving Rebecca Northan plays a clownish French character named Mimi. Before the show she and her two helpers wander through the lobby chatting with people and handing out pick up lines. This is when she is locating her ‘mark’. A male audience member who will be her co-star – for the whole show!" Blind Date's at the Citadel this week. You heard the man: Go! (Edmonton)

When we began this website, we heard one name over and over again - on Facebook, on Twitter, and as our network in Toronto expanded, the mentions of this name reached a critical mass, exploded and a nuclear blast wave of respect and celebrity blew across the land. Hannah Moscovotch arrived almost at birth from SummerWorks to Tarragon to a Governor General's Award nomination for her first full-length play, East of Berlin to productions of This is War across the country to an abundance of works from a prolific, politically astute and dedicated artist. Moscovitch returns to Tarragon with a staggered triple-bill - Other People's Children presented first with Little One and then In This World. Rejoice.

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