Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: (Vancouver) Unpossible (Fringe)

The Wicked Con
by David C. Jones

Want to see an audience roar with approval and applause one moment and sit in stunned quiet awe the next? Want to see an audience slap each other on the arm trying to confirm 'did you see what I saw?'. Travis Bernhardt is lackadaisical and a little sloppy which combined with his monotone commentary lulls you into a belief that this guy is not capable. As he does card tricks and ball tricks he goads one audience member threatening to hypnotize you and make you wet the bed for the rest of your life; but it is not threatening. The thin amiable man is teasing.  

The whole show is a wicked con - or is it bewitching magic? Mr. Berhardt explains at one point his method is 'a piece of wire and I lie to you' and the show is sub-titled "A captivating collection of infuriating implausibilities and diabolical deceptions" and it is but it is also a great big bowl full of fun. Want to see an audience leaps to its feet in a standing ovation? See Unpossible.

Unpossible is at the Vancouver Fringe

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