Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: (Vancouver) Promise and Promiscuity (Fringe)

For a good time...
by David C. Jones

Promise and Promiscuity is  a Jane Austen-inspired musical one-woman show. Penny Ashton is a delightful and silly performer having a blast playing about six different people in the one-liner filled story of a turn of the century young woman writing under a man’s name much to the disdain of her mother and amusement of her sister.

Repressed suitors, women’s rights, class wars, high society etiquette are all fodder for pop-culture word play and funny song lyrics added to classical music. There is some audience participation and a few winks and nods that add up to broad smiles and often big laughs.

Ms. Ashton is from Auckland, New Zealand and as she bounces about if her bonnet and her funny faces you appreciate that that she wants you to have a good time and damn if you don’t. It’s a sweet and funny show.

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