Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: (Vancouver) Butt Kapinski (Fringe)

...wait 'til you meet the whores...
by David C. Jones

Deanna Fleysher is a remarkable improviser and has created a highly entertaining clown show. It’s interactive and if you are really shy get there early and grab seats in the far corners but you will likely be filled with regret. Part of the great fun of this show is the ease and comfort with which she gets people willing to participate.

Speaking with a droll lisp Butt Kapinski is a private eye trying to solve a murder. Audience members play the victim, as well as the blood and the guts. The chairs in the venue have been spread out so Butt can stroll amongst us with his portable street lamp fastened to his shoulders assigning characters or ambiance.

There are so many fun interactive moments that need to be experienced so I won’t spoil them (but wait until you meet the whores). It is quite delightful watching your fellow audience members throw themselves into the shared storytelling and there is always a sense of anarchy as often the audience leads the next twist in the tale. Then at one point the show takes a decidedly uncomfortable turn that is unsettling, but Ms. Fleysher knows what she is doing and it adds up to a quite a remarkable fun time. Not so focused on destination but a what laugh inducing journey.

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