Wednesday, September 18, 2013

News: (Montreal) MPROV Festival announces lineup (Press release)

Le Festival d'Improvisation de Montréal / The Montreal Improv Festival
1-12 October, 2013

MPROV is entering its eighth year in a big, bold, bilingual way. The festival will feature more acts than ever before and in both English & French. The stage at the Montreal Improv Theatre will be graced by acclaimed acts from Paris, Philadelphia, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, alongside the largest and widest array of local improv talent seen at the festival to date.  Oct 1-5 will be the English week, with French shows performed from Oct 10-12.

Here are some of the local highlights:

MPROV is excited to present Infernal Compass, the winners of the first ever Threepio improv competition. In each season of Threepio, 8 teams compete for the audience’s love and affection and at the end, one team walks away victorious. The first season’s winners, Sean Michaels, BJ Walsh, & Vinny Francois, have been playing together in some form or another for over a decade.

You’ll see members of the francophone group, Cinplass, in ads, tv shows, movies and improv leagues around the city. They are Frédéric Barbusci, Edith Cochrane, Anaïs Favron, Louis-Martin Guay, Guillaume C. Lemée et Antoine Vézina.

Fans of 80’s action films will love Easy Action.  Marc Rowland and Brent Skagford have been joyfully creating stories together for over 6 years. They’ve travelled with Easy Action to Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Cambridge & Brighton to perform and teach.

MPROV will also headline some very exciting visiting acts:
Hip.Bang hail from Vancouver, BC. They were just nominated for the 2013 Canadian Comedy Award Best Improv Troupe, and have been featured at festivals like the San Francisco SketchFest, NXNE, Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza, the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, the Detroit Improv Festival, and more.

Amie & Kristen, winners of the Philadelphia Comedy WitOut award for “Best Small Improv Group” in 2011, are an experienced Philly duo who’ve travelled to festivals across Canada and the US. They generate a “girly, risky, playful, fully improvised show” with transitions created by morphing the sounds and physicality of one scene into the next.

Caspar Schjelbred is the artistic director of the Improfessionals and codirector of Impro Acamedy in Paris. He will present his solo act which is somewhere between clown, mime, dance and theatre.  Plan C will be performed in both the English and French weeks of MPROV.

Le Festival d'Improvisation de Montréal / The Montreal Improv Festival
October 1-12 at the Montreal Improv Theatre
3697 Boul. St-Laurent
Complete schedule at
Media contact:  Marc Rowland - 514 436 0583

1 Oct - 6$
19h - McGill Improv Shortform, Shortform Jam, The Ugly Hours
21h - Rumble Pak (Winnipeg, CAN), The Phoenix Files, Hip.Bang! (Vancouver, CAN)

2 Oct 2nd - 6$
19h - The Uninvited Guests, McGill Improv Longform, Soaring Eagle Patriot Hour
21h - Gross!, Girl Talk, Dream Hunks

3 Oct - 8$
19h - The Brat, Grinders, Nightbus
21h - Improvabilities, Pillow Fight, Southern Heat

4 Oct - 10$
19h - Armando Jam, Monsters, Plan C (Paris, FRA)
21h - Infernal Compass, Amie & Kristen (Philadelphia, USA), Day Drunk (Toronto, CAN)

5 Oct - 12$
19h - Frenchitude, Longform Jam , Easy Action
21h - Day Drunk (Toronto, CAN), Plan C (Paris, FRA), Amie & Kristen (Philadelphia, USA)

Jeudi, 10 oct. - $8
19h - Récidivistes, Impro Chef, Club d'Impro
21h - Lindex, Le Club d'Impro, Les Enfants de Molière

Vendredi, 11 oct.
19h - $6 - Impro Troispéo
21h - $10 - Plan C (Paris), Les Enfants du Feu, L'Instable

Samedi, 12 oct. - $10
19h - Les Éphémères, Plan C, Le Gros Duo
21h - Cinplass, Les Éphémères, Le P'tit Rire Jaune

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