Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: (Vancouver) Underneath the Lintel (Fringe)

The Quest
by David C. Jones

With so many original works and one-person shows it is rare to find a previously produced script. This show about a passionate lecture by a Dutch librarian was written in 2001 by American Glen Berger. Played by David Cameron the librarian is stuffy and giddy, pompous and sweet. He starts his lecture by presenting us with a Baedeker travel guide that has been returned through the library drop slot 113 years overdue. Incensed and curious he uses a dry cleaning receipt that was used as a book mark to start a trip that will have him eventually span the globe in a fantastical story of biblical proportions. He has to be quick though because he only has one week of sick leave. The adventure is a warm, giggling experience that has some delightful surprises and under director Jackie Minns' guidance, Mr. Cameron with his chalkboard and slide projector is an engaging guide. Charming fun in a quiet gentle way.

Underneath the Lintel is at the Vancouver Fringe

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