Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: (Vancouver) Allegheny, BC (Fringe)

A Well-Told Tale
by David C. Jones

Rodney DeCroo is a singer song writer with a warm folky rock sound. Using spoken word poetry, stories and about eight songs, he shares portions of his life living in Allegheny, BC. He is joined on stage by Mark Haney who plays a mean double bass and sometimes provides bass harmonies. Staged by Jane Heyman with visuals by Gal Minnes the production is handsome and warm like a well loved coat. Some storytellers tell stories where you can see aspects of yourself or your life in them, some tell them because they are wild adventures they wish to share. Mr. Decroo's stories are intimate, revealing and we get insight into the man he has become, these are stories about him and his experiences. His biography is included in the program. The nearly full house was captured and gave rapt attention, some of them gently bobbing their heads to the songs. If you are a fan of the sound and/or a fan of the man then this is a staged concert you won't want to miss .

Allegheny, BC is at the Vancouver Fringe

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