Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Thread, October 9, 2011

The Thread

New York Times critic Charles Isherwood wrote an article this week in which he stated it might be time for him to stop reviewing the plays of a certain playwright. He made a good point; we all have our druthers (ie: we don't like mime, Greek theatre, Molière, Goldoni, the works of at least one Canadian playwright or ballet). The question we have is this: Does a critic have the responsibility to try and understand what an artist is doing or should the critic just walk away? Discuss.


  1. Just recently I have decided to walk away from an opening simply because I had never seem a play by the playwright I could stomach. I sent, instead, a reviewer who liked the writer's previous works. Why increase the agro, I thought. Neil Simon is crap but I can't deny his appeal to a huge audience. Should I repeat my opinion in counterpoint to the audience's every new play. I think not.

  2. better to walk away than walk all over them


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