Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog: Theatre Night Fever, October 27, 2011

David French and the Mercers
by Howard Dai

A month ago, I asked one of my theatre friends for a good dramatic monologue for me, he told me without any hesitation – “Go read ‘Of the Fields, Lately’ by David French.” I’ve heard about David French, and how awesome his plays are, but I’d never had a chance to actually read one. So last week, I finally spent time going to Vancouver Public Library and got the famous Mercer family plays in a book. I started from the first Mercer family play – Leaving Home, from the first few pages it already caught my interest, and I just couldn’t stop reading it. The contrasting characters make the conflict between them so breathtaking. I just started reading the second Mercer play – Of the Fields, Lately, which has the monologue that my friend suggested, and let me say, this play also shines on its own! Now I just really want to see this play live in theatre...

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